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Our students take 31 semester hours of general education courses to increase their awareness of global and societal issues of today. In addition to the chemical engineering courses, you will take courses in math, science, English, humanities, philosophy, and general engineering.

There are 57 required hours of engineering courses, which includes 12 hours of general engineering courses. In addition to the engineering education component, there are a total of 31 hours of general education courses.

Almost all of the CHEE courses end with an assigned project in which students work on teams and have to make team oral and written presentations, especially in the unit operations laboratory and plant design courses. The two senior plant design courses require you to consider global, economic, environmental, and societal factors in your design and overall experience, which is paramount for your career preparation.



The undergraduate program's optional bioprocessing specialization allows you to cater your curriculum to focus more on biology and related topics. The bioprocessing concentration has 51 hours of engineering courses, 31 hours of general education courses, 21 hours of chemistry and eight hours of biology.