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Chemical engineering applications touch every aspect of everyday life — from the extraction of coffee beans to the combustion processes that allow transportation, from the production of paper products to the synthesis of new drugs, from the implementation of new chemical processes to the remediation of contaminated sites.

Chemical engineering is the most versatile of the engineering disciplines. The versatility of our curriculum, including a broad base of engineering and basic science courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, will prepare you to work in areas directly related with chemical engineering, as well as other careers including medicine, and pharmacy. You will be key in transforming new sources of petroleum and natural gas into fuels, chemicals, and new materials.

The new energy boom in the U.S. will require chemical engineers to transform new energy resources into fuels, chemicals, and new materials. Our graduates are finding competitive jobs in petroleum exploration and refining, along with specialty chemicals industries. Our graduates also contribute to the exploration and implementation of renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

The average starting salary for chemical engineering graduates is approximately $75,000, with opportunities around the world and here in Lafayette. Acadiana is filled with and surrounded by companies providing services to the petroleum and chemical production companies, and many of our graduates have found success working in the area.

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