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Dual Degree in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a dual degree in chemical engineering and chemistry, which requires only one extra semester of courses. The 154-credit hour curriculum lets you pursue both a degree in chemistry and a degree in chemical engineering with opportunities to conduct research in both fields.

If you excel in both chemistry and math, the dual degree is a perfect way for you to continue studying the intricacies of chemistry while learning how to utilize that knowledge in applied industries. With the dual degree, you have expanded career opportunities because you have a more thorough understanding of chemical engineering processes and the chemical materials used in those processes.

Our dual degree graduates have gone on to work with international companies where they develop catalysts and fine-tune chemicals for manufacturing. Our dual degree opens doors and helps you expand your expertise so you can excel in the workplace and pursue an advanced degree.

Explore your courses, critical courses, and make sure you're on track to graduate with the major checklist and nine-semester plan.

If interested in applying for our dual degree program, complete the Dual Degree Form and bring it to the Dean's office located in MDSN 105.