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At UL Lafayette, we are proud to offer a unique opportunity for study through our Ph.D. program in Chemical Systems Engineering. This is a broad field that encompasses and manages the full spectrum of engineering disciplines. Students in this program pursue 24 hours of core coursework in systems engineering in addition to 24 hours of coursework in Chemical Engineering.

Chemical Systems Engineering involves the integration of multiple engineering disciplines into a team whose efforts result in a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to operation. Some example systems include coastal ecosystems, water treatment facilities, deep-water drilling operations, biofuels production facilities, refineries, vehicle control systems, and utilities management.

Our program involves several unique aspects that will prepare our Ph.D. graduates to compete in the industry and academia. Students are required to have an industry member on their thesis committees and have Six Sigma training in their core curriculum. Students will also prepare an NSF-format proposal which will be evaluated as written and must be defended in an oral presentation as part of the qualifying examination.

For more information visit the Chemical Systems Engineering Ph.D. page on the UL Lafayette Graduate School website.