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Our world-class labs and facilities allow you to integrate the principles of chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, and chemical engineering unit operations. Here, you have numerous opportunities to apply and practice the principles taught in a traditional setting through our specialized laboratories with equipment for unit operations in transport, reactions, separations, and process control processes.

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation draws state and federal agencies, as well as industry, to conduct research projects, which our students and faculty help conduct. Our chemical engineering research labs are equipped with more than $2.5 million in instrumentation, for conducting experiments in new materials, catalysis, bioprocessing, environmental remediation, rheology, and more.

Our students also learn to apply process simulation through the software program Aspen, which the majority of the chemical process industry uses. Aspen allows you to process alternatives and the technical and economical feasibility of real chemical plants. Students have access to the computer labs in Madison Hall, with computers that include several other software packages for preparing technical presentations and reports, along with finding solutions to complex chemical engineering problems.

Teaching Labs

Unit Operations Laboratory

Location: Madison Hall, Room 110

There are approximately 20 unit operations in this lab, which include:

  • A 30-60 psi boiler, with running water, compressed air, and vacuum capabilities;
  • Mutiple effect evaporator
  • Distillation column
  • Absorption column
  • Armfield heat exchanger (Shell and tube/Plate and Frame)
  • Plate and frame filtration
  • Fluidized bed
  • Refrigeration unit; and 
  • Armfield ion exchange unit.

This lab is used for chemical engineering courses 403 and 404.

Controls and Simulation Laboratory

Location: Madison Hall, Room 229

This lab regularly utilizes interaction with the Unit Operations laboratory. In the Controls and Simulation Laboratory, there is a newly acquired DelvaV control system connected to a single-effect evaporator. There are also four table-top control units, which are used to illustrate controls in a real-time application.

The lab also recently acquired nine dynamic simulator packages for distillation and boiler modules.

This lab is used for engineering course 413.

Cabot Process Simulation Laboratory

Location: Madison Hall, Room 210

Cabot recently provided funds to renovate the Department's Chemical Process Simulation Laboratory.

This computer design laboratory includes 40 computers equipped with:

  • Custom plant design software
  • Controls software
  • Microsoft Office

There is also a projection system to assist with the plant design lectures.

This lab is used for chemical engineering courses 407 and 408.

DataCamp Software

DataCamp is offerring free access to all of their training and educational materials on coding and data analytics, specifically on Python programming language. This software is used in process controls course (CHEE 413).

Additional Student Facilites

Madison Hall is home to the majority of all engineering courses, though there are specific classrooms available for chemical engineering students' use. The computer design laboratory gives you access to design software, including ASPEN and ICARUS, plus the word processing and other software you need to complete reports and other assignments.

There is also an additional computer lab, a student room, and a study room/conference room available for your use. With your student ID, you have access to the computer rooms 24/7.