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Career Opportunities

The job market for chemical engineers is very bright.  For example, the Gulf of Mexico region of the U.S.. is experiencing a building boom in chemical engineering-related companies totaling well over $100B in new construction. Chemical engineering jobs are expected to be in high demand not only in our region but worldwide.  Chemical engineers often enjoy some of the highest starting salaries on college campuses.  So, whether you dream to produce a green chemical in New Orleans or produce a fuel cell in Seattle or treat polluted water in Berlin or design a new chemical plant in Lafayette – we are here to help you design your future!

Our students are getting competitive job offers, starting at $75,000/year for internships, co-op, and full time positions with chemical process and service industries. Some of the companies extending offers to our students include Cabot, Pfizer, Citgo, BASF, Sasol, and W.R. Grace.

The College of Engineering  implemented the Frank & Jessie Mosing Endowed Engineering Student Career Development Program, which offers services specifically to all engineering and industrial technology students. Most of the services are oriented to help you with career development, including resume writing advice, interviewing tips, internship and co-op education, and job placement help. Find the Career Development office Madison Hall, Room 105.

The University's Career Services office can also help you build your career — starting while you’re in school and continuing after you’ve graduated. For assistance with writing your resume, practicing your interview skills, and searching for internships and jobs, visit Career Services.