A Better World

Want to make a difference? You can gain the skills needed to turn raw materials into useful, everyday products.

Get the hands-on experience you need to create a better, safer, and cleaner world through chemical engineering.

Brain Power

You have the opportunity to start gaining experience right away through undergraduate research opportunities.

Design a custom car with the Chem-E-Car team, help produce new forms of biofuels, and more.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering plays an integral role in almost everything we use in our day-to-day lives — our food, our clothes, and the energy for our homes and cars.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is home to students who are working to pioneer new technologies and processes, designing a better, safer, and cleaner world through chemical engineering. Our hands-on educational approach combines chemistry, physics, and advanced math to provide the groundwork for successful careers in energy, materials production, bioprocessing, and more.

With our focus on research and technology, your impact on the world doesn't have to wait until graduation — you can start right away. Our students and faculty conduct research for companies and governments, backed by millions of dollars in grant funding. We work to anticipate the engineering challenges of the future, and then collaborate across disciplines with our academic and professional peers to find innovative solutions. And we've received national attention for our efforts.

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