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Assistantships are available through the College of Engineering and in other offices across campus. They are available on a competitive basis, and may include tuition waivers or a stipend and tuition waiver.

Depending on your assistantship, you may be required to assist with grading, overseeing laboratories and computer labs, and helping professors conduct grant-based research. If you have an interest in a specific research area, we encourage you to contact the professors conducting that research directly.

If you are accepted to the master of chemical engineering program and already have a bachelor of science in chemical engineering, you are automatically considered for a departmental assistantship. If you do not have a BS in chemical engineering, you must complete 75 percent of your leveling courses before you will be considered.

Leveling Courses for students without chemical engineering degrees:

Students in the PhD and MS programs without chemical engineering degrees must successfully pass ENGR 305, CHEE 201, CHEE 302, CHEE 310, CHEE 405, and CHEE 420 in order to graduate in our program.

For information, contact graduate coordinator Dr. William Chirdon at or visit the grad school's website.