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Our students are getting competitive job offers for internships, co-op, and full time positions with chemical process and service industries. Some of the companies extending offers to our students include Cabot,  Citgo, Sasol, and W. R. Grace. 

Citgo and Chevron has committed funds to establish co-op scholarships, travel stipends to national meetings, senior design team awards, and the Citgo Top Graduate Award.

For three consecutive semesters, a graduate from the chemical engineering department has held the honor of receiving the distinguished award for the University's Outstanding Graduate. Out of the eight academic colleges, our students have been selected for the overall award for their leadership, scholarship, and service. Below are articles of our Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 recipients.

Kyle Zappi - Spring 2020 Outstanding Graduate

Spencer Leger - Fall 2020 Outstanding Graduate

Alex Zappi - Spring 2021

Recent Undergraduate Research

Chemical Engineering has the highest number Engineering Ambassadors and research apprentices. The research enterprise in the department has grown significantly with over $3 million in new research projects, including work with NASA, BoR, DoD, NSF, and others.

Federal agencies such as NASA, The Department of Energy,  The Department of Defense, and The National Science Foundation provide funding through research projects for hiring undergraduate students to work on projects related with energy and material applications.