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Research activities complement the educational experience of our students by providing opportunities for involvement in search for solutions to contemporary scientific and engineering problems. Our faculty members continuously apply their expertise to develop new chemical processes, materials, and theoretical principles that contribute to more energy efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and economical engineering systems.

  • Dr. McIntyre is a new assistant professor within the Department. He is conducting research within the Louisiana Engineering Activity in Rheology and Nanomaterials (LEARN Lab) on suspensions containing nanoparticles in electric and magnetic fields, specifically the discovery and optimization of nanocage structures in suspensions. He recently was awarded the Research Competitiveness Subprogram from the Louisiana Board of Regents. His research seeks to connect electrical and mechanical aspects of materials used in fluid flow. 
  • Dr. Chirdon continues to excel in the classroom. His student evaluations always rank at the top of all the evaluations in the College of Engineering. He was nominated for the College Teacher of the Year, and was selected to receive an Exceptional Service-Learning Award from the University. This award considers service in the classroom, the university, and the community. Dr. Chirdon is also our new Graduate Coordinator.
  • Dr. Garber is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering. He was the recipient of the NACE Fellow Honor at NACE's Annual Corrosion 2013 Conference held in Orlando. This honor is given in recognition of distinguished contributions in the field of corrosion and its prevention. We are proud for his many years of service and accomplishments.
  • In 2013 Drs. McIntyre and Hernandez received recognition from the UL Office of Research for funded projects exceeding $50,000. Dr. McIntyre’s project is funded by the Board of Regents, and Dr. Hernandez’s by the Department of Energy.
  • Drs. Rafael Hernandez, Ram Subramaniam, and James Garber have recently established a collaboration with Coastal Chemicals Company, LLC to work on projects related with H2S removal and corrosion inhibitors.